Thursday, May 29, 2008

Summertime is Here!!

Oh, how I love summer!
I always have. But now that I have children, I love Summer even more!

My kids are home with me! I don't have to send them off to school everyday. They are home where they belong! :)

Summer evokes so many memories. I love everything about it.

You remember the lazy days of warm weather and no school.

I remember waking up to hearing the drones of lawn mowers and laughing children. The hum of a thousand air conditioners lurked in the background. Groggily gettting up to an event-less day, free to choose my entertainment, was the norm for my childhood. Of course, there were "chores" to be done, but nothing compared to the duties of adulthood. I would eventually end up outside turning flips or working on the ever elusive back handspring. Or as a teen, I would "lay out", trying to get the perfect Coppertone tan.

Summer memories:
Wandering outside
Feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin
A tickle from the occasional blowing of wind
The rustle of tree branches from the breeze
Locusts buzzing in the bushes
Splashes and giggles from nearby pools
Playing in the sprinkler
Washing the car
Sleeping late
Watching the late, late movie

ahhhhhh!!! I love summer!!!!

God is so faithful to us in all He does. My heart was turned to the Psalms this morning. Listen to His Word to us today:

Psalm 33:4
"For the Word of the Lord is right and true; He is faithful in all He does."

Wow! What a powerful Word of God. I challenge you to memorize this one. Put it on an index card and keep it on your desk and in your purse. If you are tempted to doubt in any way, this seed of God's Word will increase your faith!

I pray you have a wonderful day! Summer time is time when I focus on my kiddos, so a weekly post will be about it. Meditate on His Word today! ~ and enjoy the wonder of Summer!!!!

love you all!

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Jennifer said...

Ahhhhhh....summer time! It is absolutely my most favorite time of the year also...except for our heat index and humidity!

God is faithful in all He does...that is so very, very true. We don't always understand His time but He is always on time. Example...I just found out that Brandon is back! He moved back to Jonesboro a couple of days ago. God is so faithful and true! And He answers our prayers in the way that is best for us, not always the way we think is best. He never makes a mistake! He is working in this situation...piece by piece. The Year of the Lord's Favor...2008!