Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Noni's China Journals: Pictures

I cannot explain all that is in my heart. It is a crazy and hectic week in the Blann home- baseball and softball are full force, projects due at school, volleyball tryouts, birthdays are coming up, Mother's Day, and much more~ but I find myself constantly saying, "A year ago right now, we were...".

The main thing? A year ago right now, a sweet precious and adorable little girl was sitting in a metal crib in an orphanage in Yang Zhi China without a mom and dad to love and kiss on her. Today, sweet and adorable Mia gets more loves and kisses than she could ever have imagined.

(If you haven't visited my daughter's blog yet, you just reallllly need to! I read it and read it again and it still makes me cry!)

I have decided that it is impossible to share with you this week all that I saw and felt while in China. I will share as many pictures as I can and if I can figure it out, I will put them in a slide show.

While in Beijing, we visited Tiananmen Square, The Forbidden City (the palace that Mulan saved the Emperor, etc!), The Summer Palace, and the Great Wall of China. We also were driven by the site of the 2008 Olympics. We rode right past the aqua bubble building where the water sports will be. We also drove past the metal wire looking stadium.

As you are looking at the pictures, please keep in mind that in Beijing alone there are 16 MILLION people. Each family in is allowed to have one child if the first is a boy. If the first child is a girl, they are allowed to conceive again to try for a male child. They have no social security. Their retirement- their male offspring. He is supposed to support his parents. If a family does not have a boy - too bad - so sad, work the rest of your life. That is why these precious baby girls are left on doorsteps and in dumpsters~ they have to have a man child to support them when they get old. (Please forgive me if that information is not completely correct, but that is the way I remember being told.)

16 million people.

No one owns their own land. Almost all live in high rise apartments.

16 million souls that are taught "There is no God".

16 million that will raise their children to believe, "There is no God".

Do you think it is important to give to missions and to pray about going?

16 million people in one city.

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Jennifer said...

I loved following your blog and Glenda's last year and I still get the same excitement today reading about precious baby Mia! Thank you for sharing it then and again now. God is so good!