Friday, May 16, 2008

Birthday Blessings!

Wow! Another emotion filled day for my little heart!
Today, my middle daughter turns 12! We cuddled on the couch last night and told her about the events leading up to her birth. She likes the part where I tell her that I "coughed" her out. :)

Again, unless you have endured the painful times of a barren womb and infertility, you cannot begin to fathom the depth of joy with such thankful hearts while watching a pregnancy test confirm your deepest hope and desire. I don't think I can even begin to describe it.

You see for us, pregnancy didn't just happen with the union of man and woman in the most precious way. Pregnancy required that (of course!:)) but also, prayer, prayer lines, anointing and a definite miracle of God. So, anytime these little "pee" sticks turned pink, it was quiet an event in our home.

[Side note: if you are reading this and you haven't had that joy yet, my heart goes out to you! I would love to pray for you. I know your pain and I remember the sadness of empty arms. I remember dreading mother's day and baby showers and baby dedications. There are many scriptures in God's Word regarding the hope of a child. Please email me and I will add you to my prayer list.]

So, I have to tell you about my Mack. I can share a little bit more about my girls than I do about my son. (You know - boys and men sure want to be known as the macho guys they are. Wouldn't have it any other way.:))
Mack has a pure heart for God. We say she is our conscious around here. She will definitely call you out on any item that she perceives to be off of the straight and narrow. :) She feels a call of God on her life to children's ministry! She already has a way with younger kiddos. I love to watch her entertain little ones.

When I first found out I was carrying her in my womb, her due date was to be toward the end of June. Problem. My oldest daughter had a wedding date set for the middle of June. (Jordan was born the week of her Senior Prom. She didn't want another repeat of the mommy dramatics :), so we moved the wedding date up to May 4th.)

This pregnancy was a lot easier- not as much morning sickness- not as much abdominal pain. All of that made it easier with a 2 year old and planning my daughter's wedding. :) (We joked a lot about the mother of the bride - big, fat and wide.)

The Monday (April 29) before my daughter's wedding on Saturday, I had an OB/GYN appointment. They did all the usual stuff and announced to me that I was going to in premature labor and must have complete bed rest or he would put me in the hospital. (For your information I was around 29 wks along.)

Shocker! We had a wedding to decorate for and get ready!!!!! We were trying to save money and give Glenda the wedding of her dreams, so we had planned on renting stuff and decorating ourselves. I immediately told the doctor that would not do, that my daughter was getting married and I would have to go on bed rest next week. Ha! He looked gravely at my husband and said, "This is way too early for the baby. She must stay off of her feet. You give me your word she will or I am admitting her right now." Ouch!

That was all that needed to be said. Realizing my baby needed me off of my feet, I went home to the recliner. We lived on a hill above our church. I spent that week sitting in the recliner looking out the window at other people helping my daughter decorate for her big day. :(

How do you say thanks to dear friends who come to your rescue in desperate times - Brooke, Sandi, Reba C., Yvonne S., my mom and my sister - I will love you all forever!!!

Well, I was able to go to the wedding with my little Mackenzie all safe and secure in her mommy's belly. I waddled down the aisle as the mother of the bride was escorted in. Then I boohooed like an idiot through the whole ceremony. :)

Long story short, Mackenzie arrived safe and sound on May 16, 1996. She was a beautiful baby with a precious disposition. There is a funny story about the 30 minute drive to the hospital and my contractions getting 1 minute apart - and my husband frantically telling me that I COULD NOT HAVE THE BABY UNTIL WE GOT TO THE HOSPITAL! HE WAS NOT GOING TO DELIVER A BABY IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE! ha ha! I almost gave birth when I started laughing so hard!

Oh, how I love my children's birthdays! They are special days to treasure forever!

I love you, Mackenzie! You make my heart smile forever and always!
Happy Birthday!



Mary Beth said...

So... you LIVED on a hill above your church????

Happy Birthday to your girl. She sounds SO MUCH like mine... who just turned 13 and is also called to be a children's pastor.

Maybe they will go to COLLEGE together like we did!!!!

How cool would THAT be!

Anonymous said...

awe, so sweet :o)

Grace said...

HI! You're a winner at the AG Blog! Please send me your info and I'll get your book off to you jolly-on-the-spot.