Sunday, December 14, 2008

Monday Update on Ashlyn

Praise God!
Ashlyn is recovering well.

The meningitis is Viral ~ not bacterial ~ which is a very good thing. The viral meningitis just has to run its course now.

She is still nauseas and has severe headaches. But she was able to keep food down yesterday. She ate an ice cream sandwich and a granola bar and some other things.

I was talking with Melanie a while ago and Ashlyn woke up asking for some cereal!
If you know Ashlyn, you know she has a HUGE appetite. :) She is an outstanding athlete with a great metabolism. If I ate half as much as she did ~ well, it wouldn't be pretty. ha!

Anyway, she is getting her appetite back in spite of the nausea.
She still has some recovery ahead of her getting her strength back and energy- but she is getting there.

We are SO grateful to everyone who prayed for her. Please keep it up, but thank you for interceding for her. It was a very scary situation but God prevailed!

Just wanted to fill you in!
blessings~ and thanks again!

Oh- If you prayed for her, please leave a note on this blog - or send an email to the church address or you can leave a note on my facebook.

She has enjoyed us telling her who all sent little notes and words of encouragement.

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