Friday, December 12, 2008

Urgent Prayer Request #2 for My Nephew!

My husband's baby sister's son- Tommy - is being admitted to the hospital. The last result I heard was that he had a staph infection in his blood stream.

Again, I do not know details but please pray for Tommy!

Tommy is 10, almost 11. He is a gifted ball player and is big bud's with his cousin Mackenzie!
The majority of my husband's family are in the medical field. If it hadn't been for my brother-in-law doing his blood work and my mother-in-law nurse, Tommy would not be here with us now.
The good news is that because the family knew what to do, Tommy has been on heavy duty antibiotics for several days. (He was released from a hospital earlier this week.... because that hospital didn't get the same lab results as my brother-in-law.) That is when the family doctor began the antibiotics.
God is good and again, He is our Healer!
Thanks for remembering Tommy in your prayers also!

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Beth in NC said...

God bless this young man. I will lift up Tommy!