Thursday, January 29, 2009

Human Frailty

I am constantly reminded of my weaknesses. Whether it is because of my lack of planning, my ill-use of time, my big picture mentality 0r my head in the sand syndrome, I daily wish I were different.

I look at my wonderful husband, and he is so organized and meticulous and always has an answer for everything! I, on the other hand, am always looking for my keys, my purse, my glasses, or my shoes. (I am thankful I am not constantly looking for my kids!) My nine year old leaves me notes all the time that say, "Mommy, please do not forget to bring my book." Or "Mommy, please, please, do not forget to mail my birthday party invitations."

How sad is that?

I said all of that to say, God made us each unique and while those unique qualities have their idiosyncrasies, we must learn to minimize our weaknesses while maximizing our strengths.

2009 is my year to stretch myself in those weaknesses.


Did I just type that? Did I really put that out there to be held accountable for all those things?

Now, I know I AM crazy!

I thought of this because I have been trying for two weeks to work on my blog to get it ready to host Fiction Friday tomorrow. (I was supposed to host it last week, but my time-management skills crucified that plan!) So, I follow all of the instructions until I get to this page of detailed explanation. I just skim over it- because that really just overwhelms my poor little brain!
Then I get frustrated because it doesn't work.

So, in light of my 2009 Resolutions, I go back determined to read and comprehend every word, every syllable, and every detail.


Nothing happened! I still couldn't comprehend it. But at least I know I tried and worked through that part of my personality.

I am working harder on my time management skills.
Don't laugh!

I really am.

My daughter has a doctor's appointment today at noon. I have given myself until 10:30 to finish this blog. "Live by the margin" Rusty says. "Create enough room in your schedule to plan for the unexpected." That is just what I have been doing, and so far- I have been on time much more than I have been late!

Yaaaay Me!

In my communication with others, I am continually learning. I want to be a better person, not the same person. I want others to feel valued, loved and accepted. I want to display the love of Christ at all times in all situations.

If I am "satisfied" with myself, then those goals won't be reached. This is the year where I get out of my comfort zone and get stronger, better and more like Christ!

So, let's make our Human Frailties smaller and our dependence on Christ stronger.

It is through HIM that we are and achieve!

Blessings to you today!


Jennifer said...

You go, girl! Let's get that office organized now!

Bogie said...

hello:) I am always encouraged when I read your post... I have an award for you. Kindly visit my blog.

God Bless you always!