Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back to School!

Well, I was just an emotional basket case!

If you were standing here listening to me, I would have said that with much drama and blubbering flare. :)

I dropped my middle daughter off at junior high yesterday, along with her big brother. I then went to the elementary school to take my youngest. I went home to a quiet house-

and cried.

I am not one of the mother's that just LOVES for school to start to get the kids "out of my hair". I love them being home~ even if they do make the biggest messes known to motherhood.

As I watched my new junior high-er walking up to the school, a flood of questions tormented my soul.

Have I given her enough confidence in her self to make it in Jr. Hi?
Have I instilled enough of God's Word in her for her to know how to use it as her sword?
Will everyone around her see the inner beauty and unique strengths that I know she has?
Will she have a good day?
Why can't I walk her in!!!!!!?

I then look over at her brother who is the big guy on campus this year. I had some of the same concerns 2 years ago as he walked into the Junior High campus for the first time. Now, look at him! No, worries. No concerns.

So, how do I console my little "mommy heart"?

I remind myself of what I know. I know my God is Faithful. He is big enough to take care of my babies, no matter how big they get. :)

When I picked up my kids from school yesterday, I realized they all had a wonderful day. Each had their own story to tell, and each had their own smile to share.

My heart smiled.
and sighed.

We worry so much about the things that our God has all taken care of before we even know to worry about them.


I sure am glad I have a God to take care of my children and watch over them when I can't.

Once again I am reminded of my FAVORITE verse in the Bible~ Psalm 25:1,2
To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul;
In you I trust, O my God.

I give you my soul, Lord, the very part of me that I treasure most- my family.
I trust You as You have them in your hands.
I plead the blood of Jesus over my children's' bodies, souls, and spirits. I pray that you encamp your angels around them, but more importantly that Your Spirit hovers over them to guide and direct their every step, thought and decision.
May they always, see your Truth.

In You I trust, O my God.






Bill Dotson said...

I plead the blood over my whole family every morning. Many of the "hits" I get on my blog are from searches on that phrase which I wrote about in 2006. You might be interested in reading what God showed me about that phrase at: http://roadrevelations.org/?m=200601. Scroll down to Plead The Blood. Be blessed!

Becoming Me said...

Your heart is so beautiful. I loved reading this.