Thursday, August 7, 2008

Raising Godly Kids by the 6:7 Principle

We were able to sleep in this morning! Hallelujah! Glory to God in the highest!

It seems our summer has been extremely busy and the luxury of staying in bed longer than the sun has escaped us somehow, except for today!

To ensure the longevity of every one's sleep time, I piled the kids in our room - the dark, quiet sleep room. I turned the fan on and made sure everyone had very comfy beds.... I turned out the lights and said a prayer: "Lord, just let us all get at least 8 hours of solid sleep!"

I awakened this morning to a dark room, the fan humming, and kids in three corners sound asleep. My eyes quickly went to the clock. What time was it?! Wow! Not only did we get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, but we received 9 blissful hours of pure deep sleep!!

I think I heard an angelic chorus in the heavenlies!

I looked over at each child and said a prayer for them. They looked so peaceful sleeping. It is hard to believe that in less than 2 weeks school starts back. My innocent kids will be faced with all kinds of "junk" the world will dish out to them. Humanistic and hedonistic ideas and reasoning will bombard them from all angles.

The 6:7 Principle is about being Pro-Active with our children starting the day they are born.

Deuteronomy 6:7 says don't think that one hour a week of Sunday School, one hour a week of Kid's Church, one hour a week of Worship Service and one hour a week of Girl's and Boy's Ministries will be enough to diligently train your children in the Truth of God's Word!

If you want your child to have a Biblical view of creation and society, it takes a mom and dad who are committed to training their children on a daily basis. Just like Deuteronomy 6:7 says: impress them when you walk, sit, work, and rest! Pro-active.

Pro-active - as in discuss it before it happens. Teach your daughter how to dress modestly from the time she is a toddler. Train your son to respect young ladies as a baby in how he deals with mom and sister. Show them in God's Word principles for Godly and right living. Discuss the movie you just saw from the perspective of God's Word.

My kids may never encounter some issues in life simply because they won't be exposed. I took my 2 oldest to see Freedom Writers. Afterwards, we went to the near-by pizza joint and had some heart to heart discussions about the whys, the hows, and the Biblical perspective of prejudice, gangs, violence and other issues brought up in the film.

It is not good enough to just keep telling my kids "no". Rusty and I have to tell them they "why" so that when they are young adults they take possession of those Biblically based boundaries themselves.

When my children go to college and have freedom to make their own decisions, I want them to choose "no" to alcohol and drugs and "no" to sex outside of marriage because they understand that those things are contrary to God's will for their lives~ not just because mom and dad have always said, "Don't do that."

The 6:7 Principle is imperative to raising Godly kids.

May God's Word bring Truth and Understanding to your hearts and minds today!




LAURIE said...

I like what you shared today Dorinda. It made my heart so proud the day our son Jeremy got up and shared from the pulpit his experience in the he had to stand upon his faith in God and not the faith that his parents had. - Train up a child and he will not depart from it - the training starts at a young age.

love Laurie

PS: glad someone got to sleep in - we had to be at the airport at 4:30 am this morning but maybe one day I can try getting 9 hours. :)

Aaron said...

This is good sound advice! Kids need an example to go along with their lessons they're taught.
Dorinda, congratulations on the B.O.W. Award. I was one of your nominations too! I enjoy your blog a lot especially when you guys went to Ecuador. In fact, I recently won an award and need to pass it along to 5 others. You can handle being a winner two weeks in a row, right?
Click on my name and then go to my blog 'Iron Sharpens Iron'. The post will guide you on what to do. If you need further help check out the links to DaNella and Sharon. It's their fault we are in this mess:-)
Thank you for sharing on your blog. I love hearing what God is doing and being blessed by your devotions and real life.

Michele W. said...

Very good post! Right on Girl! Thank you.