Sunday, August 3, 2008

In Christ

A young lady spoke to me regarding the bondage of insecurity.
Another young person revealed the burden of temptation.
A friend intercedes for the salvation of her son.
A mother of six children is believing God for His provision of direction and housing.

I contemplated these extraordinary needs this week and fell at the feet of my Savior. They are too much for me to carry, but my God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we ask or think!

As I prayed, my mind went back.... suffice it to say eons... to Bible College. I remember sitting in Sis. Opal Reddin's Acts class. She spent an entire class on the phrase from Ephesians "in Christ". I don't remember everything she taught that day, but I do remember her challenge.

"Go through the book of Ephesians and underline all prepositional phrases of "in Christ".

"In Christ" has to do with position and placement of me.

I have found that when I am "in Christ" other things aren't as important, problems aren't as big, and the world is not as alluring.

When I am "in Christ" I have an intimate relationship with my Savior. I no longer desire things that grieves the Spirit. I crave His presence.

So, I pass on the Preposition Challenge to you today. Go through the book of Ephesians and find all of those "in Christs". Then take a refresher English course and look for the purpose of each "in Christ". List all of those rich prepositional phrases and let their depth sink into your spirit.

blessings to all of you!



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Aaron said...

Great challenge and awesome post! This is something we all need from time to time. My time is now:-)
Congrats on the blog awards!! I loved hearing of your Ecuador trip too.

LAURIE said...

Congrats on the AG Blog of the week! Keep writing what God lays on your ministers to many.

Mary Beth said...

blog of the month... awesome! have you gone to that writers' conference yet? I am waiting for your book.

i need to get blogging. haven't blogged since JUNE! yikes. Life is too busy.

love you.