Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I Left It!

If my camera phone was working, you would be looking at a picture of it right now.

I did it! I drove off and left it in the parking lot of Wal-Mart where I found it~ after having lost it.

Say what, crazy woman?

I ran to Wal-Mart, quickly, to buy a few needed groceries. I left my [hungry] teenager tending to the pool. I just wanted to get in and out~ quickly.

I made it to the check out line in record time! I stand there congratulating myself when my eyes fixate on the orange package with brown letters. Nope. I turn my head.

I have done well the last 4 days, and I am not about to blow it now!

A child screams behind me and I turn to see if all is okay.

Ooops! That was a mistake! It was still there in it's cute little orange wrapper with all that gooey chocolate and peanut butter inside.

I think it even did a "Psssst! Hey, you over there acting like you don't see me! Do you know it has been at least 3 months since you have had a Reece's cup? And don't you know you should congratulate yourself for finding all of your groceries so quickly. Go ahead. It won't hurt!" Seriously. I think I heard it!

Well, whatever was whispering to me, convinced me.

I bought the .78 cent delicacy~ and the diet coke to accompany it.

I placed my purchases bag in the buggy and out I go with my "congratulatory" snack. Walking to my car, as I am cramming the first little cup in my mouth, I see a friend drive by and I wave. Chocolaty fingers and all.

I get to my car. Unload my groceries and it is gone!

I spent .78 cents on the king size Reece's cup and it is gone!

I look in all the bags. Look in my purse.
It is nowhere.

I must have dropped it.

I put my buggy back. Get in the seat. Start the car.
All the while my mind is racing. I had it right before I waved at Kathy because I was opening the first one as I walked out the door. It has to be either in the foyer area or in the parking lot.

I back my car out and circle back to the front door.

As I drive by, a Carly Simon song plays in my mind and a hot summer breeze is blowing. There on the edge of the sidewalk is a small orange wrapper~ the edges flapping as the wind is trying to taste the chocolate that is rapidly melting on the concrete.

I slow the car down ~ for the pedestrians ~ of course! I am playing about 20 different scenarios out.

Bottom line.

I left it!

Oh, don't think that I am too proud to get out of my vehicle and stoop to pick it up! Because I would in a heart beat! :)

But, I thought of how hard I have worked the last couple of days to not cram the junk food in my mouth.

I almost caved in at the end of the parking aisle.
But I stayed strong and left it!

What does all of that have to do with the 6:7 Principle?
Well, probably not just a whole lot, but I am quite proud that I left it! :)

okay..... seriously.

The 6:7 Principle Revisited

Impress them on your children.
The word used for "impressed" or to "teach diligently" means-
to sharpen, whet
to sharpen, teach (incisively)
to be pierced

(taken from study light. org)

How and When do we do this?
Well, we talk about them [God's commandments]
when we sit,
when we walk,
when we lie down and
when we rise up.

Basically, we are to find relative teaching points that we communicate verbally to our children
when we are relating,
when we are working,
when we are resting, and
when we are preparing.

In everything we do, we are to verbally communicate God's commandments to our children.

And, I guess, there is a teaching point about leaving stuff.... just driving away.... no matter how bad you want to just stop the car, get out, and cram all the melted chocolate in your mouth in front of a slew of folks.... Does that fall in the category of teaching your kids good boundaries?

I still don't think I am done with this subject.

I'll see you again tomorrow!



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Mary Beth said...

love your 6:7 principle... AND just think of the calories you saved with your discipline and self control!