Thursday, March 12, 2009

God has a Huge Sense of Humor!

God is amazing, holy and incredibly funny!

Some people picture Him as this cranky divinity up in heaven just waiting to be ticked off so He can fry a few "mortals" with a lightening bolt.

The Word of God portrays Him as He really is: loving, just, holy, and humorous!
Say what?/??? - you ask....

Well, if you are a student of the Bible, do you recall~
a donkey talking to a stubborn man?
a Pharoah choosing to wait 24 hours to be relieved of great discomfort from frogs?
an idol laying prostrate in front of the ark of the covenant?
a shepherd boy being chosen instead of his big, strong brother as a warrior and king?
a shepherd boy dressed in King's armor?
a shepherd boy killing a giant with a sling shot?

and~ What about the incidents in your life where you KNOW God was at work, but after it was all said and done it was rather hilarious??

Like how we say, "I will NEVER do that!" - and then we find ourselves, upon complete submission to HIS will, doing the thing we NEVER would have done.

Or.... how He uses our complete inabilities to turn around and do something for HIS glory.

I just find God incredibly amusing.

I don't always understand WHAT He is up to. But, hey~ He sure doesn't need to ask for my approval before acting in His sovereignty. (Can we all say, "Thank. You. Je-sus!")

He is God.
He is All Wise.
He is All Knowing.
And I choose to TRUST in Him.

and that's something I have to choose daily.
or else, I kind of mess up.

well..... it's not "kind of, it's largely.
if you know what I mean.

So, relax. Let God be God.
Let Him have control.
And for heaven's sakes,
Learn to Laugh a little!



Shannon said...

Amen to that! Don't ever say 'I will never do that!' God has too much fun with those statements. I believe I've said it lots of times about working with kids and that's exactly what He's got me doing! He's so funny!

Mary Beth said...

SO great. In my latest blog about something funny that happened I had added some things about laughing at yourselves... I cut and saved that part for the next one because my blog was WAY too long.

Now when I post that I will have to link to you. Maybe coming out of the blahs of winter we are all in the mood for a good gut buster!