Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Keeping Your Dream Alive!

My favorite preacher/pastor/teacher in the whole world has inspired me in the past week.

I have had a dream for a long time, but have no idea how it will come about or even how to make it come to pass.

So, periodically, the dream starts to fade into the oblivion of "to-do lists and priority tasks".

In the past two months, the dream started to fade again.

Then, this awesome, wonderful man of God (My husband -btw) preached Sunday night and again Tuesday morning right into my spirit.

So, last night on the way to our son's ballgame (my 5th sport this school year to mom-cheer), we brainstormed about how to not only keep the dream alive, but how to bring it to pass.

I said all of that to say this: WE all have dreams that God has placed in our hearts.

If we are not careful, we begin to listen to the enemy of our souls.
The enemy says,
"That's just you.
You can't do that.
Who do you think you are?
God would never ask you to do that.
You can never accomplish that!"

And after time, after "listening" to the enemies lies for so long, we begin to believe them.

But GOD- waits patiently.
He knows HIS time.
He knows HIS purpose.
He knows HIS special abilities He has placed IN you! (Eph 4:7)
He knows HIS special tasks He has set aside just for you! (1 Cor. 3:5)

I know I have blogged on this before, but I think I need to remind myself AGAIN- and maybe some of you.....

Isn't it a little arrogant of us to think we know better than God?
Isn't it the ultimate "false humility" to think that God's gift He placed in us isn't as good as HE says it is?

Oh, my... I am preaching to myself.

Who am I to think that I can do anything in and of myself anyway?
Everything that I CAN do is from God anyway!

So, my prayer is.....
Thank you God for what you have called me to do.
Thank you Lord for what you have gifted me to do.
May I submissively obey you in all areas of my life - especially the small things, so I will be ready to accomplish any big thing you have for me- for YOUR Glory.
Use me! Fill me up with You! Empty me of me- so I can be filled with YOU!

What's your dream?
What are you doing today to bring it to pass?

blessings to each of you!


Beth in NC said...

I needed to hear this Dorinda. One step towards my dream is to have a blog. I am a writer and I am stepping out in faith by writing on my blog.

Thank you for this sweet encouragement.


Jennifer said...

Hmmmm...well, I DIDN'T think it was project coordinator/renovation coordinator/decorating administrator/contractor but it is looking more like it as the hours past since our wonderful 2 1/2 hour breakfast this morning :-) No, that's not a commitment! LOL!

I know what my dream is for my family and my finances but there is not much left for me to do...that is why I am having to solely rely of God to do the rest to finish what He has started in me, my family and my finances.

Love you!

Treasure Seeker said...

you've just been sleeping through your REAL dream.... you didnt know this was your dream....

i am waking up your dream that you didn't know you had-
to be the project coordinator/renovation coordinator/decorating administrator/contractor !!!

don't you see it now?!!!!

ok - you may not be laughing- but i am!

seriously - you are SOOOOO talented. I think God just wants you to see what you and Him are capable of....

love ya!

Jennifer said... don't know how hard I am laughing! You crack me up...even, when you are serious :D I was laughing and drinking tea at the same time and poured it all over me just now! LOL!

I am praying about it, ok????

Love you too!

Can't wait for the little learning project road trip!