Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Dog Stinks!

We have this incredibly smart dog. Her name is Sasha and she is a cute little Maltese. (She is a sister to Jennifer's dog, Biscuit.)

You have to understand our family history of pets.

We are NOT pet people. In the past, if a pet came to live at the Blann home, it was a death sentence. Something always happened to them. We are not cruel or negligent- but things just always happened.

Then several years ago, after the incessant begging of our children, we bought Sasha.

She was our first house dog.
She was the first dog we ever trained.
She is the first pet to make her way into our hearts.

But today, she stinks.

So, no one really wants to love on her.
Or play with her.
Or give her the attention she is used to.

She is so smart that she knows she needs a bath.
Every time I get my keys, she looks at me like, "Am I going to get my hair done today?"

She knows.

So, today, when I leave the house, Sasha will look at me, her tail will way, and then I will say the words that will thrill her little dog life.

"Come on, girl!"

She will dance in circles and bark and probably leak a little.
Then I will take her to the groomers for her beauty appointment.

When she gets back home, the first thing she will do is prance or strut to my room.

Because she knows after her bath, she can sit at the foot of my bed.

She has privileges because she doesn't stink anymore.

We will love on her.
We will play with her.
We will sit by her.
We will lavish all the attention on her that she is used to.

She will be clean.

I am so glad that God is not like us!

He doesn't wait for us to get all clean and smelling better before He lavishes His unconditional love on us!
He takes us just as we are. He accepts us and snuggles up to us- just as we are.

The difference is, just being in His presence gives us the desire to be clean.
His Holiness shows us our filthiness.

Sin He cannot associate with, but He takes us faults and all into His presence.
He washes us clean with precious blood of Jesus.
He daily cleanses us with the Word.

So when you think about God, know that He doesn't expect you to be perfect to draw near to Him. Just run to Him! He will meet you. Then He helps you with all that dirt, filth, and stink.

He is a Good God.


I just had to come back after posting this!
It is so funny! I just read Jennifer's blog. She talks about her sweet Maltese, Biscuit.
Now, she, my friends, is a GOOD dog person.
Shame on me!
Sasha is loved - but she doesn't get the priority attention her big sister does. :(
I would dare say that Biscuit has never stunk! Poor, poor Sasha.
But she will be clean soon!!!!


LAURIE said...

Great analogy here today Dorinda. My lil Silky Terrier is in need of going to the groomer as well. I am guilty. It is my fault she is a mess. I barely have time to make a hair appointment for myself let alone the dog. But she looks so much better when she is groomed.

Jennifer said...

You know my baby girl goes to the groomer religiously every 4 weeks...we have a standing appointment for the 1st Wednesday of every month (otherwise, I would forget!)

I love the comparison between the "stinky" dog desire for love, attention and affection and how God loves us no matter what!

Great post! Yes, my precious little one is curled up next to me as I type and if I make a move toward the bed...she is ready to go to bed when it gets dark, plus, she loves to sleep in...just like her momma!

Do I need to come bathe Sasha for you tomorrow????

macymiamom said...

Yay for Sasha!

Anonymous said...

DB - I had to laugh reading this because we have never been "in house" pet people either until we got Isaac Hayes (our black pomeranian). He is a part of the family and he too becomes smelly at times. He went to the groomer this week and to the vet for a sore throat - a whopping $115 for our wonderful house pet! Your analogy is perfect that God is not like us - He takes care of us all of the time whether we are smelly or clean - just waiting on us to run to Him! A perfect way to end the week! - Lynn

jeleasure said...

Hi Dorinda,
Your blog was at the top of the ring when I visited today.

Congratulations on having a dog that likes going to the groomers. My dog only likes hearing the words "Pet's Mart, Go for a ride, treat or penut butter bone".

Here in Richmond, Virginia, there is a do-it-yourself bathhouse. You pay them and they provide the entire, professional grooming facility for you to bath your pet. Wyatt always creates loud, chaotic environment when we visit this place.

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