Monday, March 9, 2009


I have lots of thoughts and emotions going on in my little head today.

I went to the funeral of a wonderful woman of God. She impacted so many around her.

The same thoughts plague my mind as they did after Bro. Frank Cavitt's service.

Her passing leaves such a gap in our church, in our lives. I wonder- will we be able to fill her shoes? Will her ministries carry on?

Then I look at my life and think,
Am I giving everything? If I were to go to heaven today, how many people would meet me inside the gates of heaven to say, "Thank you for leading me here."?

Tough questions.

I have much to do, much to share, and much to write.

Ruby Morgan was one of those women that quietly strengthened your faith and your commitment. Her life challenges my ministry and my work ethic.

I must admit- I am a better person because I had the privilege of knowing Ruby Morgan.


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Jennifer said...

Sister Morgan was truly the godliest woman I have ever had the priviledge of knowing. Her shoes will be extremely hard to fill.

As Jackie said on will take many women to fill the shoes of one woman.

She is one who truly earned the priviledge of hearing the words of Jesus when she arrived to her heavenly home..."Well done my good and faith servant". She was exactly that!

She will be missed terribly.