Friday, March 13, 2009

In a Moment: Crisis in the Congo

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He held her extra long.

My how he loved her. He never wanted to take for granted the gift God had given him through her~ and now their two small children..

As his lips met hers, he felt little tugs at his trousers. "Papa! Papa! Me too!"
They chuckled and both reached down to grab the toddler.

Even in the midst of terror, chaos, and confusion, God was good to give them moments like this. Moments that gave them a feeling of normalcy.

Moments of feeling safe.
Moments that pointed to the truth.
They changed so quickly these days.

It seemed a moment ago, that he was in the war also~ confused, angry, and vengeful.
Then he met her.

Her smile.
Her peace.
Her beautiful dark skin.

She had something he didn't.

He followed her around like one of the hungry dogs outside of their village.

She gracefully left him "crumbs" of her happiness that kept him begging for more.

Then he met HIM.

Shafts of light, joy, and radiant love exploded in his soul.

Jesus had changed everything.

And Nakir. Nakir introduced him to Jesus. Jesus introduced him to forgiveness and love.
Jesus was the reason he left the war.
No more senseless killing to avenge his father's death.
No more fear.
No more hatred.

In a moment Jesus changed everything.
In a moment Jesus gave him the ability to love his beloved Nakir with an everlasting love.

And now their small children..... Jamir, their four year old daughter had a fever so Nakir and Booma, their toddler son, would not go with him tonight.

Nakir would pray from their hut.

Prayer. Their warfare.

Tonight, instead of planning a vigilante raid on the neighboring village, Taamah would launch a very different raid with fellow believers.

Tonight Taamah and his brothers and sisters in the Lord would join together in prayer and intercession for the genocide to stop.

Peace talks had failed.
Treaty's trampled on.

Tonight was time to engage in the most important warfare.

Taamah checked in on Jamir and kissed her hot forehead.

One more kiss for his beloved Nakir and a jostle for his rambunctious Booma.

He looked into Nakir's eyes and as was his habit, he declared his love for her until the end of time.

She smiled and watched him all the way to the end of the path.

Taamah walked into the little church.

A few were already there.
The mood was somber. Another family lost their lives in a sister village.

When would the killings stop!?

Were Christians around the world praying for them or were they calloused to hearing of the wars in Africa?

Within minutes, the little straw roofed church was filled to capacity.

There was no formal introduction.

Each member knew the gravity of the situation, so their "warfare" began immediately.
Soon, the groans of deep intercession could even be heard outside.

The believers called upon their God to stop the war, to stop the murders, to stop the senseless killing of the millions.

Taamah asked God to open the eyes of believers around the world to the plight of his people.

Would God please place a burden for his fellow Assembly of God family to agree with him and his family that the hatred would stop, that the evil would cease and that the Congo would be draped in a heavenly peace.

The prayers were no longer muffled moans of intercession.

The huddled group was wailing. The intensity of their intercession was a chorus of moans and declarations.

The devoted believers never heard the footsteps outside the church.
They never felt the hatred for their prayers.
They never saw the torches lighting the perimeter of the building.

In a moment, their world changed.
Before any believer even sensed the danger, it was too late.

Hatred put another notch in its murderous belt.

A sister screamed as she realized their plight. There was no escape. Their prayer meeting would conclude at the very throne room of heaven itself.

Those filled with hate stood just outside the clearing to watch the flames lick up every last stick of the building~ and with it every living soul inside.

They expected to hear screams of horror and anguish as they lost their lives and were burned alive.
Instead, they heard a joyful celebration in song.

The people burning alive in the church were singing "Victory in Jesus".

One chorus of praise and jubilation.
The smoke rose to the sky.
The putrid smell of burning flesh burned their nostrils.

And in a moment it was done.

The church was gone.

The people were gone.

.....but their hatred lived on.

Never satisfied.
They thirsted for more blood to shed.

6 million wasn't enough.

They walked away, empty yet full of evil.

They walked within a hundred feet of Nakir and her children.
She smelled the smoke.
Saw the flame.
..........and waited for Taamah to come home.

She watched the empty path until the wee hours of the morning.

But Taamah was already HOME.

Grief washed over her soul as her tears washed her cheeks.

It wouldn't be long until the killers found her little hut.
She would take her children and a few essentials and live in the jungle until.......

until the elements or wild animals took them or until.....
Taamah's prayers were heard and the brothers and sisters across the world woke up to pray for the killing to stop.


would that moment ever come?

Will the church be stirred to pray for the Congo?

Will the church realize that 6 million have died in genocide that has been unprecedented throughout the ages?

Will the church pray today as they live in security and safety?

or will the church be comfortable and cozy and pray about their big buildings and pray about finances?

In a moment.....
this could be you.
This is fictional account of a true event. Assembly of God believers gathered for a prayer service and all were burned alive. It is not known how many were inside. But murderous events like this happen every day in the Congo.

More people have been killed than those in Rwanda and the Sudan combined.
It is a present day holocaust ~ and like the first one~ the West has remained silent.

Our governments may not intervene, but we as believers can and must INTERCEDE.

Please click here for more information of the Crisis in the Congo.
Will you pray with me today?

In a moment......
tis could be us.



Laury said...

Oh. This is powerful. Wow. I hope more read and take up your call for prayer. What better way to die - than to die while praying and praising God. Wow. Thank you for sharing this.

S.C.(S.Harricharan) said...

Oh my. This is amazing. Extremely powerful and so sad, yet so strong at the same time. Just wow.

S.C.(S.Harricharan) said...

Oh my. This is amazing. Extremely powerful and so sad, yet so strong at the same time. Just wow.

Dee Yoder said...

Very gripping and to know this is is terrible. The evil one is so hate-filled, but the people of God aren't conquered through death anymore. Prayers going up for these brothers and sisters.

Joanne Sher said...

WOW! So powerfully described, and such a heartbreaker. I am praying.

Catrina Bradley said...

Amazing writing - my heart is sick. Thank you for opening my eyes to this horror. YES I will join you in praying for the genocide to stop!

Hoomi said...

Part of the problem is that, as far as the media is concerned, such warfare in Africa is old news. It's considered of less interest to Americans than the latest scandal involving Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan. On a recent news broadcast here, better than half the air time was devoted to a pro Golf tournament in town.

You've written a powerful piece highlighting a very real tragedy. Now, if we can just eliminate the tragedy of people thinking what Paris Hilton wore to party last night as being more important than millions of lives.